A sophisticated health checker for your Laravel applications.

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In-depth monitoring with real-time notifications. Keep every service of your application supervised so you know if anything is broken before your customers do.

Monitor all your Laravel applications at one place

Wouldn't it be great if you never had to miss an outage of your application again? Never have to miss a failing component or configuration error? Look no further, we got your back.

No-nonsense dashboard

Upserver.online gives you a simple, easy-to-use dashboard that quickly shows you the status of your apps. At this central place you find apps that are offline or have other problems.

Monitor multiple applications

We made it really fast to add applications. Fill in the name and URL, install the connector package, which is completely open-source, and we'll start monitoring right away.

Never miss a problem

Receive notifications via Slack or Mail when something goes wrong. We keep you updated while the problem lasts, throttling notifications of the problem so you're not getting overwhelmed.

In-depth monitoring

Most Laravel apps we see use many parts of the framework. Often these components are essential to make an app work flawlessly. An uptime check makes sure it is available but it doesn't always verify the status of all the individual components.

Monitors for every component

In addition to uptime checks, we verify database connections, your broadcasting and queueing systems, mail drivers, notification channels, storage availability and much more! We want to make sure your apps work as intended.

Failed jobs management

We have tools to view failed queue jobs and retry them instantly from the interface. We can even send you a notification every time a job fails. There are also scanners to find mixed content and security vulnerabilities in dependencies, monitor SSL and DNS changes and other cool stuff.


Upserver.online provides a very comprehensive history overview for every monitor. It shows you all failures of the past weeks, the duration of the failure and when it was resolved.

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There's more!

Laravel 5.5+ compatible

We support every version of the Laravel Framework from version 5.5 and up. You need at least PHP 7.1.

Checks from all over the world

Our checks run on different servers around the world. Every failure is verified by at least one other server.

Unlimited team members

Complete your team. Bring your colleagues and friends without extra costs.

GDPR compliant

Let's be very clear: we'll never use your data for anything other than Upserver.online.

Free 10-day trial

We understand you want to fiddle around. No problem, look around and let us know what you think.

Monthly and yearly plans

Our pricing is simple and changing plans is just one click.

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A monitor for every component

Our connector package, which is fully open-source, discovers the configuration of your app completely automatically. Want to add a database monitor? Just select the connection name, choose a check interval and you're done! You can even add multiple monitors of the same type, in case your application uses multiple databases for example.

Database connections and caching drivers
Queuing system, including Laravel Horizon
Security vulnerabilities in dependencies
Uptime and availability from multiple locations around the world
Broadcasting system with support for Echo Server and Laravel WebSockets
Mail drivers, Notification channels and Redis connections
Failed jobs notifications and history, retry failed jobs
Find mixed content on HTTPS-sites
SSL Certificate and DNS changes
Storage availability and usage
Debug mode and other configuration settings
3rd party services